Not only can we protect your property from pest and termites, we can help eliminate conditions that are conducive to them. Our crawl space and exclusion services can help with moisture problems and make your home more energy efficient while preventing pest and wildlife from having easy access to your home or business.


Moisture in your crawl space not only provides ideal conditions for termite and other pest infestations, it can cause many other problems as well. If left unaddressed, over time, it can cause structural problems to your floor joists, subfloors, and more. It can have a serious negative affect on your insulation under your floor making heating and cooling more difficult. It also promotes mold and rot and can cause a musky odor throughout your property.

All situations are different, but removing excess moisture from your crawl space can usually be accomplished with a couple of techniques; installing a moisture barrier and creating the proper amount of air flow.

Moisture barriers

Proper ventilation

A vapor barrier will slow or prevent the evaporation of ground moisture into the crawl space air. Since moisture rises, this will help keep ground moisture from getting to your insulation and the building’s structure.
Proper ventilation in your crawl space is essential for keeping moisture levels down. Vents properly located throughout your crawl space will create a cross draft throughout the space removing excessive moisture.
With the training and experience of our staff, we GUARANTEE to get rid of your pests problems.





There are many different factors that promote pest and/or wildlife infestations. Many of these factors can be easily removed by performing some simple property maintenance. Sealing holes, gaps, and cracks is a great deterent for pest and wildlife that are looking for safe harborage. These are things that Pest Control Solutions can help with.

This fascia board with a hole in it may be seen by wasps, birds, squirrels, and other wildlife as a perfect nesting spot. However, if you replace the board, this alone may be enough to make them pick another place to nest.

This crack in the foundation of this property is an easy way for rodents to gain entry to the interior. Stuffing it with steel wool or mortaring the crack could easily remedy this potential hazard.